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PrismaSol BK0/0/1.2 Replacement Solution for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, NON-PVC

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SKU: 110239S

PrismaSol BK0/0/1.2 Replacement Solution is supplied in a two compartment bag made of polyolefin. The 5000 mL bag is composed of a small compartment (250 mL) and a large compartment (4750 mL). The two compartments are separated by a peel seal. Single Use Only. Sterile. NDC 24571-113-06

Product information last updated May-29-2020

Product Characteristics

Concentration: RX Only.
Package Insert Link:


Length: 12 IN
Width: 18 IN
Height: 5 IN
Volume: 0.62 FC
Weight: 24.25 LB
Pack Factor: 2

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