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114746L- REVACLEAR 400 Dialyzer

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SKU: 114746L

REVACLEAR 400 Dialyzers are indicated for treatment of chronic and acute renal failure by Hemodialysis. Single Use Only. Sterile fluid path, non-pyrogenic.

Product information last updated Oct-12-2020

Product Characteristics

Latex: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
Membrane Material: polyarylethersulfone / polyvinylpyrrolidone (PAES/PVP)
Effective Surface Area (m2): 1.8
Single Use or Reuse: Single Use
Flux: High
Saline Priming Volume (mL): 300
Blood Priming Volume (mL): 93
Sterility: Sterile Fluid Path
Storage Recommendations: Store at less than 30°C (+ 86°F).
Rx Only: Yes


Length: 10.81 IN
Width: 19.31 IN
Height: 15.25 IN
Volume: 1.84 FC
Weight: 11.02 LB
Pack Factor: 24