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ViaLok 13mm non-vented Vial Adaptor

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SKU: YM033

The ViaLokĀ® MN is a stand-alone, single-use, disposable device which permits access to a medication vial without the use of a needle. The device is intended for use by healthcare professionals in a wide variety of healthcare environments, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies. The ViaLok MN is indicated for use with standard medication vials and mating luer access devices for withdrawal and/or injection of fluid

Product information last updated Jun-27-2020

Product Characteristics

Shelf Life from manufacture: 36 Months


Length: 5.88 IN
Width: 15.25 IN
Height: 6.75 IN
Volume: 0.35 FC
Weight: 2.05 LB
Pack Factor: 100