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0600065PR - EASYSPRAY Set with EASYSPRAY Pressure Regulator

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SKU: 0600065PR

A disposable spray set consisting of 1 spray head, 1 dual-lumen connection tube consisting of a pressure line with a transparent sterile filter, a thinner sensing line with a blue sterile filter and clip to be attached to the double syringe system plunger for gas activation. The EASYSPRAY set delivers a thin, uniform film of fibrin sealant over wound surfaces. The EASYSPRAY Set is used in conjunction with a double syringe system and the EASYSPRAY Pressure Regulator Device. For Topical Use Only. Available in cases of 10.

Product information last updated Aug-25-2020

Product Characteristics

Latex: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


Pack Factor: 1

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