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PERI-STRIPS DRY with VERITAS - Ethicon PROXIMATE 100/USSC GIA 100 DST (unit of 6)

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PERI-STRIPS DRY with VERITAS Collagen Matrix (PSD-V) is prepared from dehydrated, non-crosslinked bovine pericardium. Each box contains 6 PSD-V pouches and 3 tubes of PERI-STRIPS DRY Gel (Gel). The Gel is used to create a temporary bond between the PSD-V buttress and the surgical stapler jaws until the stapler is positioned and fired. Each PSD-V loading unit and each Gel tube is packaged sterile in a separate pouch. PSD-V is configured to fit specific stapler cartridges. A box of three additional tubes of PSD Gel can be ordered separately. Sterile package. Single use only.

Product information last updated Apr-15-2021

Product Characteristics

Latex: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
Concentration: Rx Only


Pack Factor: 6

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