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Spray Set, Endoscopic 360º Gas Assisted Flexible Applicator, 40 cm with DUPLOSPRAY Regulator and DUPLOSPRAY MIS Rollstand

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Spray Set, Endoscopic 360º Gas-Assisted Flexible Applicator Tip. The tip can spray in any direction and applies a thin layer of combined materials. The sterile set includes an endoscopic applicator tip, tear apart tubing for gas inlet and vent tubing with filters. Components of SA3768MR: SA3768 360º Flexible Applicator, 40 cm (2 cases), 0600123 DUPLOSPRAY Regulator (1 regulator), and 0600040 DUPLOSPRAY MIS Rollstand (1 rollstand).

Product information last updated Jun-27-2020

Product Characteristics

Latex: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
Concentration: Rx Only


Pack Factor: 1

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