Straight-Type Catheter Extension Set, Microbore, ONE-LINK, Needle-Free IV Connector, Neutral Fluid Displacement, Power Injectable (325 psi/2241 kPa), 7.7" (19.5 cm)

Straight-Type Catheter Extension Set Microbore, ONE-LINK, Needle-Free IV Connector with Neutral Fluid Displacement, Power Injectable (325 psi/2241 kPa) and Male Luer Lock Adapter. Approximate Volume 0.34 mL. Approximate Length 7.7" (19.5 cm). Non-DEHP. Sterile Package, Nonpyrogenic.

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  • Baxter Product Code:7N8310
  • UPN/GTIN CS Unit: 50085412476723
  • UPN/GTIN EA Unit: 00085412476728
  • Unit of Measure: CA
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Concentration Rx Only
Length 7.7 IN
Priming Volume 0.34 ML
Type of Injection Site ONE-LINK
Power Injectable Yes
Catheter Connector Non-Bonded
Tubing Size Microbore/Minivolume
Tubing Configuration Straight
Collar Type Fixed
Sterility Sterile Package
Rx Only Yes


Length 22.25 IN
Width 12.5 IN
Height 21.88 IN
Volume 3.52 FC
Weight 2 LB
Pack Factor 200