Straight-Type Catheter Extension Set, Microbore, CLEARLINK Luer Activated Valve, 7.9" (20 cm)

Straight-Type Catheter Extension Set Microbore, CLEARLINK Luer Activated Valve and Male Luer Lock Adapter. Approximate Volume 0.46 mL. Approximate Length 7.9" (20 cm). Non-DEHP. Sterile Package, Nonpyrogenic.

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  • Baxter Product Code:2N8374
  • UPN/GTIN CS Unit: 50085412048906
  • UPN/GTIN EA Unit: 00085412048901
  • Unit of Measure: CA
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Trademark CLEARLINK - Trademark of Baxter International Inc, its subsidiaries or affiliates.
Length 7.9 IN
Priming Volume 0.5 ML
Type of Injection Site CLEARLINK
Power Injectable No
Catheter Connector Non-Bonded
Tubing Size Microbore/Minivolume
Tubing Configuration Straight
Collar Type Fixed
Sterility Sterile Package
Rx Only Yes


Length 12.1 IN
Width 9.3 IN
Height 5.9 IN
Volume 0.38 FC
Weight 1.25 LB
Pack Factor 50