Straight-Type Extension Set, 0.2 Micron Filter, Polyethylene Lined Tubing . 6.2" (15.8 cm)

Extension Set with 0.2 Micron Downstream Filter, Polyethylene Lined Tubing, Male Luer Lock Adapter. Approximately Volume 3.3 mL. Approximately Length 6.2" (15.8 cm). Fluid path does not contain DEHP; outer layer of polyethylene lined tubing contains DEHP. Sterile Package, Nonpyrogenic.

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  • Baxter Product Code:1C8363
  • UPN/GTIN CS Unit: 50085412013713
  • UPN/GTIN EA Unit: 00085412013718
  • Unit of Measure: CA
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Polyethylene Lined Yes
Length 6.2 IN
Priming Volume 3.3 ML
Filter Size 0.2 micron
Sterility Sterile Package


Length 12 IN
Width 6.2 IN
Height 9.3 IN
Volume 0.4 FC
Weight 2.5 LB
Pack Factor 48