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ARTISS [Fibrin Sealant (Human)] (Frozen) Pre-Filled 2 mL Syringe with Spray Set

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SKU: 1501651SP

Each package includes 1 ARTISS [Fibrin Sealant (Human)] (Frozen) pre-filled syringe, 1 DUO Set (1 plunger, 2 joining pieces and 4 application cannulas), TISSEEL/ARTISS SPRAY SET(compatible for use with the EASYSPRAY Pressure Regulator) and the ARTISS package insert. For Topical Use Only. Available in 3 sizes. Single use only. Sterile and non-pyrogenic.

Product information last updated Oct-11-2020

Product Characteristics

Latex: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
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Pack Factor: 1

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