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VASCULAR PROBE, Standard, 45cm, 1.0-1.5mm

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SKU: 7451015

The VASCULAR PROBE is a sterile, single use, disposable polymeric device with a streamline bulb on each end of a flexible shaft. The bulbs are of different size on each end of the VASCULAR PROBE. Each VASCULAR PROBE is packaged in a standard TYVEK double aseptic transfer peel-back pouch. There are five probes of equal shaft length and bulb size per carton. The VASCULAR PROBE is available in three different shaft lengths with three different bulb diameter configurations. An Extra Supple shaft version is also available.

Product information last updated Jun-27-2020

Product Characteristics

Latex: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


Length: 25 IN
Width: 4.25 IN
Height: 1 IN
Volume: 0.06 FC
Weight: 0.37 LB
Pack Factor: 5